Cafe In The Woods – Altitude Coffee Roasters

The Goal:
Altitude Coffee Roasters loves to integrate giving back to their customers and community in everything they do. When it comes to marketing and advertising, they feel that the traditional ways just don’t reflect them as a brand and how they like to show up to and for their customers. Instead, the fellas from Altitude consistently try and find ways to be seen that allow them to be better connected to their customers. For this, they turned to their good friends at All Day Breakfast to help them create a unique giveaway and once-in-a-lifetime experience for their current and future customers. With incredible relationships in the local food and live music scene, as well as a shared love of adventure, campfires and coffee, Café in The Woods was born.

The impact:
Buzz – Over 100 contest entries, increased social media traffic across all platforms
Customer Loyalty – The winners of the contest have continued to be monthly subscribers and online purchasers.

We started by defining what we wanted the winners of this contest to experience. This was not going to be just your average Instagram contest. Much like the loyalty and admiration one feels at an intimate performance of a beloved local band, we hoped to surprise and delight a select few of the Altitude customers by inviting them to enjoy exclusive access to an intimate evening out under the stars in the woods, where they would be treated to delicious beverages, live music, and great food. The key here was secrecy; we knew that the anticipation of what was to come for the winners would make it that much more special.

Our initial brainstorming session with Altitude coffee led us to name this event “Café in the Woods” and create the “Every adventure is better with Altitude” marketing campaign. From here, we designed the main campaign logo, curated content for social media placement, created teaser videos and other branded content for paid advertising and website, set up the online contest entry page, and managed the online promotion of the contest.

We invited people to enter this contest for an exclusive “Café in the Woods” experience by asking them to tell us about their experience with Altitude coffee, and why they and a friend deserved to win a night out. The contest was promoted on all affiliated social media channels, and a paid ads campaign was implemented. 10 winners were selected and invited to attend the event. The winners were then given a location, date and time to meet, and no other details were shared. The suspense was building!

The team from ADB managed every detail of the set-up and implementation of the event from start to finish. We covered the creative, marketing, staffing, location procurement and set up, on-site presence, ambiance, lighting, menu, and clean-up.

When the evening arrived, winners were met at the aforementioned location, and directed/led to another more remote location, where they were welcomed by members of the ADB team. They were then led down a snowy hiking trail in the woods. When the final destination was within eyesight, they were delighted by the view of a lovely moon-lit clearing in the woods, soft Edison-bulb lighting surrounding seating for 10 in pairs, a roaring campfire, and live acoustic music welcoming them to sit and relax for the evening! The guests were then tantalized with warm, cold and alcoholic beverages, charcuterie, sandwiches, and other delights from local businesses.

The Result:
A wonderful evening of delicious treats, wonderful live music and great company was had by all who attended. The guests’ were absolutely delighted with the experience, and continue to talk about their evening with Altitude Coffee and their “Café in the Woods” as one they will not soon forget.

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